McDonald’s Taps Walmart Exec As New Social Media Director



Amanda Mulligan was recently hired as the new McDonald’s Social Media Director, following her role as Director of Brand Social at Walmart. Mulligan expressed her excitement for the new position on LinkedIn, describing it as a “dream role” due to the brand’s commitment to excellence and meaningful customer connections. She highlighted McDonald’s dedication to understanding its customers’ passions and its influence on culture.

Mulligan, in a show of respect, acknowledged the remarkable work of Guillaume Huin, McDonald’s Senior Director of Marketing, who has built a robust social media presence for the company. She expressed that it’s a ‘privilege’ to follow in his footsteps and continue building on his success in establishing McDonald’s influencer marketing and social media direction. Amanda Mulligan’s Walmart background is said to be a big advantage for her new role. She also expressed her gratitude for her previous experiences at Walmart, noting how the company champions its customers and remains culturally relevant.

Mulligan is eagerly looking forward to embarking on this new chapter as McDonald’s social media director under the guidance of Jennifer Healan, McDonald’s Vice President of U.S. Marketing, Brand Content, and Engagement, a testament to the collaborative spirit within the team.

Recently, McDonald’s social media strategy included the celebration of manga and anime culture with an immersive campaign that temporarily rebranded the company as “WcDonald’s.” Huin explained that the rebranding was inspired by how McDonald’s is often referred to in manga and anime. The fast-food giant partnered with Studio Pierrot, known for anime hits like Bleach and Naruto, and manga artist Acky Bright to release four mini-anime episodes and short mangas. Fans could access them via QR codes on the packaging or at selected manga stores across the U.S.

Each story covered different anime genres, including romance (shoji), action (shonen), fantasy, and mecha battles, and had its characters. Huin emphasized that the campaign demonstrated McDonald’s commitment to celebrating cultures it’s involved with organically. The campaign, led by Anna Engel, Nathaniel Gaynor, and Yaritza Vallejo, also introduced a new spicy WcDonald’s sauce developed by McDonald’s culinary and menu team.

Mulligan’s arrival coincides with this creative initiative, as McDonald’s continues to connect with diverse audiences through social media.

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