Kim Kardashian Allegedly Stole SKIMS T-Shirt Designs From Influencer


Camille Charriere T-shirt design

The fashion world is in a state of uproar as Camille Charrière, a prominent fashion blogger from London, has accused Kim Kardashian’s fashion line of design copying. This accusation has not only sparked a debate but also raised questions about originality and creativity in the industry. Charrière shared her side-by-side comparison of her ‘Baby Tee’ floral T-shirt and the Skims t-shirt ‘Marigold Rosebud Cotton Rib Tee’ on X (formerly known as Twitter), pointing out a striking similarity between the two.

Charrière, who had passionately collaborated with the lingerie brand Stripe & Stare to produce a £45 T-shirt made from 95% biodegradable materials, expressed her frustration in her post. She accused Kim Kardashian Skims’ of copying a project she was deeply committed to, even waiving her fee to promote a brand not accused of ‘greenwashing.’ This accusation has not only raised concerns about design copying but also about the ethics of the fashion industry.

The accusation has ignited a fierce debate on social media, with users divided in their opinions. While some argue that floral T-shirts are a common style available at many retailers, others believe that the similarities between the two designs are too significant to be dismissed. According to some users, the design in question, a white baby tee with a yellow floral pattern, can be found in various stores, including Forever 21 and Walmart. This debate not only reflects the diversity of opinions in the fashion community but also the power of social media in shaping public discourse.

However, some defended Charrière, arguing that the similarities between the two shirts were too significant to ignore. “The resemblance is undeniable,” one supporter wrote.

This is not the first time Kardashian has faced accusations of copying designs. Last year, she was criticized for allegedly ripping off an Agent Provocateur dress for her New Year’s Eve collection.

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