David Beckham F45 Lawsuit Claims Mark Wahlberg’s Company Didn’t Pay Him $10M For Endorsement


David Beckham sues Mark Wahlberg

David Beckham has filed a legal action against F45 Training, the fitness company partly owned by actor Mark Wahlberg, saying that the company failed to fulfill its financial promises. The lawsuit was filed by Beckham’s DB Ventures Ltd, claiming that F45 actually misled him into signing a deal under false pretenses, which was supposedly a Mark Wahlberg F45 investment.

The David Beckham F45 lawsuit highlighted Mark Wahlberg’s F45 ownership at 36% stake and where the actor, who serves as the chief brand officer, appointed Beckham as its Global Ambassador.

Beckham, who developed a close relationship with Wahlberg while playing for the L.A. Galaxy in California, was expected to leverage his substantial social media following to enhance the company’s global reach. However, the partnership soured as Beckham claims he did not receive the $10 million promised, coinciding with a significant drop in the company’s stock value.

According to TMZ, the dispute escalated after F45 requested the court to dismiss the lawsuit, labeling it “fraudulent.” Nonetheless, the judge has decided to let the case proceed, rejecting the company’s plea to terminate the legal challenge.

This legal battle is not the first for F45 Training, as former NFL star Terrell Owens sued the company in 2017. Owens alleged that F45 failed to pay him $700,000, echoing Beckham’s current grievances with the fitness firm. The cases have imposed a major problem for Wahlberg.

The outcome of Beckham’s lawsuit could potentially tarnish F45 Training’s reputation in the fitness industry, with significant implications for its business operations. This legal battle could also significantly boost David Beckham’s already impressive net worth. The case continues to develop as both parties prepare for further legal proceedings.

David Beckham is a renowned British football talent who brought a fresh wave of enthusiasm to the sport of soccer in the United States. Recognized globally, along with his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, David is regarded as one of the most iconic personalities in soccer, both on and off the field.

David Beckham’s net worth is said to be around $450 million.

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