Sarah Ferguson Messes Up Sweet Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday Tribute; Netizens Quick To Call Her Out


queen elizabeth

Royal enthusiasts and netizens were quick to point out that Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, messed up what was supposed to be a touching tribute to Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.

According to a report, the mistake was discovered in Sarah Ferguson’s Instagram account, where the duchess shared her birthday greeting along with a photo of the late queen. Apparently, Ferguson mistakenly said Queen Elizabeth’s age is 97 instead of 98.

Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is April 21, 1926, making this year her 98th birthday. She passed away in September 2022. The error in Queen Elizabeth’s age was quickly spotted by followers, with several pointing out the miscalculation in the comments section of Ferguson’s Instagram post. The report mentioned one user referencing a personal connection: “She would have been 98. My dad was born the same year, 1926.” Another added, “1926 to 2024 should be 98.”

Despite the blunder, followers were still quick to defend the Duchess, suggesting the error was merely a typographical mistake. One comment read, “To all those correcting Sarah Ferguson, I’m sure she knows exactly how old HM Queen Elizabeth would have been. It can only be a typo.” It seems that there are more people who showed appreciation of the duchess’ message, even if she has long been divorced from her royal husband.

Sarah Ferguson, or Fergie, despite her divorce from Prince Andrew in 1996, has consistently expressed her deep admiration and respect for Queen Elizabeth II. She has often referred to the late monarch as her ‘total idol’ and has maintained a strong bond with the Royal Family.

The minor blunder in the birthday tribute did not overshadow the profound sentiment of the post, which was a heartfelt celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. Ferguson’s message underscored the late monarch’s role as a ‘steadfast leader and dear friend’ and acknowledged her significant impact and legacy. She was definitely missed by the duchess.

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