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Budding Lifestyle Creator Brooke Ann Takes YouTube Centerstage

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YouTube is quite known for its “Creators on The Rise” feature, putting budding creators on centerstage by dedicating a space for them on the platform’s Trending page. YouTube’s Creators on The Rise recognizes micro and nano influencers with increasing views and followers, regardless of when they launched their channel. The up-and-coming creators are featured for 24 hours.

Today, the YouTube spotlight focuses on Brooke Ann, a home, DIY, and lifestyle content creator with 18K subscribers, 217 videos, and over 2 million views. She launched her YouTube channel on 7 June 2019.

It’s no novel news that lifestyle, home decorating, DIYs, hauls, and cleaning content are gaining significant traction on social media, primarily due to their relatability and aspirational nature. Viewers find lifestyle content relatable, as it gives them a glimpse into how content creators live their lives (or seemingly so), showcasing how they manage their daily tasks, organize their spaces, and decorate their homes.

On top of that, lifestyle and home content often present compelling aesthetics and living standards, inspiring the audience to adopt particular lifestyles or upgrade their own spaces. These videos’ well-curated and visually pleasing nature offers viewers a short break from their routines as they immerse in the content creators’ curated world (whether real or reel).

Brooke Ann is among the thousands of content creators who curate visually aesthetic content in the home and lifestyle niches. Only little is revealed about Brooke on the internet, so she lets her way of life and personality shine through her YouTube content.

With YouTube thumbnails in beautiful and softly-hued filters, it can be difficult for lifestyle vlog fans not to click on the creator’s content.

You can find almost anything related to home and lifestyle on Brooke Ann’s channel. Her top three most-viewed videos are the 2022 Christmas decoration video with over 150K views, a one-hour fall cleaning and decorating marathon with 93K views, and the sneak peek of her hospital bag for labor and delivery in 2021 with 60K views.

Brooke Ann provides her viewers with practical tips on how to keep their things and spaces well-organized and gives them different ideas on how to decorate for holidays and seasons and stay on top of various home decoration trends.

Our personal favorite is her three-hour-long cleaning motivation that keeps us thrilled and inspired to keep our personal spaces neat and tidy for maximum productivity.

Brooke Ann has a healthy and supportive YouTube community. You can often find her viewers engaging with her in the comment section, showing their gratitude for keeping them motivated to maintain a squeaky-clean household and spice up their home’s ambiance according to the holiday seasons.

The influencer knows that sharing is caring, especially if affiliate links are involved, blessing her viewers with links to the different devices, decorations, and basically, just any other item she uses regularly or features on her vlogs.

Brooke Ann has so much potential as a content creator and influencer in her chosen niche, and we can’t wait to see her rise to full prominence in the future. She is indeed a Creator on The Rise!

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