Two Influencers Have Plunged To Death While Filming Content In Just One Month


Influencers killed in Greece

An influencer falls to death in a tragic incident while exploring an abandoned village in Calabria, Italy, recently. Giorgi ‘Tzane’ Janelidze, a 23-year-old fitness influencer, fell to his death, making him one of the unfortunate cases of people being harmed because of social media. His friend, Chris Kogias, confirmed his death.

Janelidze is known for his engaging content on TikTok and Instagram, where he boasted over 103,000 followers. According to a report, he was filming a video with friends in Roghudi Vecchio, a ghost town left deserted since the 1970s due to severe flooding. This is where the influencer falls into a reservoir. The group was on an unstable balcony when Janelidze slipped and plummeted into a deep ravine below.

The remote and rugged terrain complicated rescue efforts, requiring firefighters from the Melito Porto Salvo detachment and the SAF unit to deploy a helicopter from the Lamezia Terme del Corpo flight department. They were forced to use a helicopter to lift his body from the scene due to the inaccessibility of the ravine.

Local authorities in the coastal town of Saline Joniche are now handling the case, as Janelidze’s father travels from Greece to Calabria to identify his son’s body and arrange for its repatriation.

This incident marks the second time an influencer fell to his death in similar circumstances within a month, raising concerns about the risks associated with filming in hazardous environments. Janelidze’s death underscores the potential dangers of venturing into unstable and abandoned locations for social media content.

Janelidze, originally from Georgia and residing in Greece, was celebrated as one of the top fitness influencers on Greek TikTok. He recently ventured into business with a friend, selling fitness-related products online. His loss has left his family, friends, and fans mourning a vibrant life cut tragically short. His girlfriend, Elena Margariti, expressed her grief on Instagram, describing Janelidze as “the most beautiful person inside and out” and lamenting the future they had planned together.

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