Elon Musk Proposes Fee for New X Users to Combat Bots


Elon Musk Proposes Fee for New X Users to Combat Bots

In a bold move to combat the proliferation of bots on X, CEO Elon Musk has confirmed plans to implement a fee for new users wishing to post content on the platform. As revealed by Musk in recent posts on X, this initiative aims to diminish the platform’s ongoing issue with automated accounts, which often bypass standard anti-bot measures.

Musk elaborated that a “small fee” will be charged to new accounts to enable posting privileges. He justified the decision as the “only way to curb the relentless onslaught of bots,” acknowledging the limitations of traditional AI-driven “you’re a robot” tests. This strategy also includes a clause allowing users who opt not to pay the fee to follow accounts and read posts without charge.

Interestingly, Musk added that the posting restriction for non-paying users would be lifted after three months, suggesting a temporary measure rather than a permanent paywall. This detail was further corroborated by code discovered in the X app, which indicated a small annual fee would be required from new unverified users to engage in activities such as posting, liking, and replying.

While the specifics of the fee—including its exact amount and implementation date—remain undisclosed, speculation suggests a nominal charge of around $1 per year for unverified accounts. This development follows Musk’s previous efforts to authenticate users and reduce spam through an $8 monthly charge for a blue verified badge, which has had mixed success in mitigating bot activity.

Critics and users alike are watching closely, with skepticism about the efficacy of this new measure. The challenge lies in balancing accessibility for genuine users against restrictions designed to deter malicious or automated activity. As Musk continues to push for innovations in how social media platforms manage user interaction and security, the tech community and X’s user base await further details on how this fee structure will be implemented and whether it will successfully address the bot issue without alienating new users.

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