Big Revelation: Jojo Siwa Moved In With Ex-Girlfriend At 16


Jojo Siwa

JoJo Siwa, the vibrant dancer and former reality child star, is reflecting on her past relationships with a newfound perspective. At 20 years old and living independently for the first time, she reminisces about her earlier decisions involving her romantic life.

In a candid conversation on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast with host Alex Cooper, Siwa delved into her experience of living with a partner at a young age. She reminisced about her time with a then-16-year-old girlfriend, describing their romantic involvement as similar to a “married couple,” even though they were under Siwa’s parents’ roof when she was only 17.

Looking back, Siwa expressed amusement and introspection, realizing the significance of living together at a very early age.

She humorously mentioned the concept of “U-Haul lesbians,” referring to the fast pace at which some relationships progress. According to her, “Clearly, U-Haul lesbians are a very real thing. [I] was one without even knowing what one was.”

The former “Dance Moms” star admitted that their decision to live together stemmed from various factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the summer season when they did not want to endure the heartache of being in a long-distance relationship. They lived together in California for nine months, and according to the star, they were a married couple at 17 and 16.

However, as time passed, the relationship ran its unfortunate and heartbreaking course, leading to a breakup Jojo Siwa described as both challenging and liberating, stating that their split was “so hard and so great at the same time.”

Acknowledging the potential pitfalls of such a living arrangement at a young age, Siwa’s reflections align with her family’s sentiments. She shared her mother’s opinion that allowing a teenage partner to move in wasn’t ideal, recognizing the complexities it introduced.

In the interview, Jojo Siwa told Cooper, “My mom says all the time, ‘I should’ve never allowed my 16-year-old’s partner to live with us. That was not healthy for you, much less for her and her family. Someone should’ve put their foot down, But no one at the time felt it was right to.”

Although Siwa did not name the ex-girlfriend she lived with, she openly discussed her subsequent relationships, notably with Kylie Prew, whom she met in 2020.

Siwa publicized her relationship with Prew in 2021 during her appearance on the “Tonight Show.” Despite their closeness, the timing wasn’t right, leading to a peaceful split in October of the same year. She revealed that one of the reasons behind their breakup was her constant hectic schedule. Siwa’s breakup with Prew was amicable, and both remain good friends today.

Aside from Prew, Jojo Siwa was also linked to internet personalities Avery Cyrus and Katie Mills.

Siwa’s journey through these relationships has left a mark, with trauma from past experiences influencing her approach to new romances. As a result of that trauma, Siwa stays single today.

Amidst all that, Jojo Siwa remains optimistic about love’s future, balancing her career focus on arts with a hopeful heart.

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