HAVAS Red Launches Its First Influencer Marketing White Paper ‘State Of The Influencer In 2024’



HAVAS Red (formerly Red HAVAS), a renowned influencer marketing agency leader, has released its first-ever whitepaper titled “The State of the Influencer in 2024: A Client’s Perspective.” This comprehensive report offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of influencer marketing strategy backed by our extensive industry expertise.

The report covers various industries, including health and wellness, technology, food and beverage, automotive, manufacturing, tourism, and travel. Clients shared their experiences, successes, challenges, and predictions for the future of influencer marketing. The report aims to share various influencer marketing benefits.

James Wright, Global CEO of HAVAS Red Group, emphasized the growing significance of influencer marketing as a performance channel for both consumer and corporate brands. He highlighted the role of influencers in driving measurable opportunities, higher engagement, and accelerated consumer conversion.

Key takeaways from the influencer marketing white paper include:

  1. The convergence of traditional and social media landscapes is causing influencers to play a vital role in expanding online brand presence.
  2. The democratization of influence, with content creators emerging as prominent influencers, shifting away from traditional celebrities.
  3. The effectiveness of influencer marketing in generating engagement through social proof, especially with targeted and relevant content.
  4. The dominance of video formats in influencer marketing campaigns drives higher resonance and creativity compared to static formats.
  5. Identifying the right influencers for achieving return on investment is challenging despite the crucial role of measuring influencer performance.

The influencer marketing research paper is not just a theoretical exploration of the influencer marketing landscape. It’s a practical guide to help brands navigate this evolving landscape, offering strategic insights into integrating influencers into broader marketing campaigns.

As a testament to our expertise and success, HAVAS Red was recognized as Campaign’s Global PR Network of the Year in 2023 and PRovoke Media’s EMEA Agency of the Year in 2024. We have introduced SWAY by HAVAS Red, a global end-to-end influencer marketing offering, in many markets worldwide, further solidifying our position as a trusted authority in the industry.

The State of the Influencer in 2024 whitepaper is available for download. It provides brands with valuable information, including influencer marketing statistics, to shape their influencer marketing strategies.

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