How To Mute People On Instagram And Facebook? Practice Can ‘Preserve Your Mental Wellbeing,’ Says Expert


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In this digital age, where online interactions can often become overwhelming, experts are highlighting the benefits of using the mute function on social media platforms to preserve mental health and maintain a healthier digital environment. This simple action can help users create personal boundaries without severing ties, allowing them to stay connected while avoiding social media mental health effects.

In a report, Bailey Parnell, the founder of the Center for Digital Wellbeing, emphasizes that muting accounts that cause repeated upset is akin to setting digital boundaries. This method helps users maintain their social and professional networks without compromising their mental peace. According to Parnell, while muting does not cut off communication entirely, it effectively shields one from negative interactions.

Monica Amorosi, a licensed trauma therapist based in New York City, warns against the dopamine-driven cycle of engagement that can come from reacting to provocative or aggravating content. She points out that while it’s important not to create an “echo chamber” by avoiding diverse viewpoints, social media should not solely be a source of frustration or negative emotions. Instead, it should serve as a platform for positive interactions and learning.

How to Mute People on Instagram:

  1. Go to the individual’s profile or a post.
  2. Tap on the three dots at the top right of the profile or post.
  3. Select “mute.”
  4. Choose to mute posts, stories, or both.

How to Mute People on Facebook:

  1. Find a post from the person you want to mute in your news feed.
  2. Click on the three-dot menu on the top right of the post.
  3. Choose “Snooze for 30 days” to temporarily mute or “Unfollow” to stop seeing their posts permanently.
  4. You can also unfollow someone directly from their profile page by clicking the “Friends” button and then selecting “Unfollow.”

These steps allow users to control what they see on their feeds, effectively managing their online experiences and reducing stress. This practice of muting not only helps maintain mental well-being but also empowers users to curate their digital spaces in ways that are beneficial to their daily lives.

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