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Influencer Marketing Game-Changer: Following.ae, RFM Loyalty Co. Announce Partnership


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Following, a cutting-edge social media influencers platform, is poised to revolutionize the landscape of influencer marketing through its strategic partnership with RFM Loyalty Co., a prominent merchant acquiring firm based in Dubai. This collaboration signals a significant shift in the way brands and influencers interact, offering a streamlined approach that maximizes engagement and content quality.

At the core of this partnership lies the aim to empower merchants to create bespoke campaigns that resonate directly with consumers. Through Following’s platform, RFM’s merchants gain unprecedented control over campaign parameters such as location, target audience, and content preferences. This level of customization ensures precise targeting and optimal utilization of marketing budgets, as influencers can readily identify and participate in campaigns aligned with their expertise and audience.

The integration of Following’s platform with RFM’s Smart POS terminals streamlines the campaign execution process, eliminating the need for intermediary agencies. Influencers can seamlessly engage with campaigns either through product delivery or by utilizing the Following cards at RFM’s terminals, fostering direct and authentic collaborations between brands and influencers.

Zain Ali Khan and Hajar El Youssefi, Co-founders of Following, expressed enthusiasm about the transformative potential of this partnership. They emphasized the platform’s ability to empower both brands and influencers with state-of-the-art MarTech solutions, paving the way for more direct and impactful marketing endeavors.

Similarly, Iqbal Mahmood, CEO of RFM Loyalty Co., underscored the strategic significance of integrating influencer marketing into the suite of services offered by RFM. This innovative approach not only enhances the efficiency of marketing campaigns but also augments retail foot traffic, driving commercial success through advanced technological solutions.

By facilitating direct collaborations between brands and influencers, this partnership not only streamlines the influencer marketing process but also fosters authenticity and resonance in marketing efforts. With middle agencies removed from the equation, brands can forge genuine connections with influencers, resulting in more impactful campaigns and heightened consumer engagement.

Merchants, brands, and influencers eager to leverage this groundbreaking opportunity are encouraged to visit www.following.ae to register and embark on a journey of creating impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with audiences on a deeper level.

Following is committed to reshaping the influencer marketing landscape through innovative solutions that facilitate seamless collaboration between brands and influencers. Meanwhile, RFM Loyalty Co. continues to lead the way in merchant services, offering forward-thinking solutions that drive commercial success through technology-driven strategies. Together, they herald a new era of influencer marketing, characterized by authenticity, efficiency, and measurable impact.

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