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Influencer Marketing Platform Captiv8 Expands Partnership With TikTok


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Captiv8, renowned for its excellence in influencer marketing for enterprise brands, has expanded its collaboration with TikTok by integrating TikTok Shop into its platform. This strategic move aims to bolster the creator economy, meet advertisers’ expectations for lower funnel results, and enhance creators’ earning potential. By integrating TikTok Shop into Captiv8’s Commerce Suite, the platform strengthens its capabilities in social commerce.

Krishna Subramanian, CEO and Co-Founder of Captiv8, highlighted the distinctive shopping experience that TikTok offers. “TikTok’s personalized discovery, combined with a seamless browse-to-buy interface, delivers a unique shopping journey centered around entertainment, education, and convenience. By incorporating TikTok Shop into our Commerce offering, we empower brands and retailers to engage TikTok’s audience, transforming inspiration into transactions and interaction into revenue,” Subramanian stated.

This collaboration builds upon Captiv8’s recent introduction of Brand Exclusive Storefronts on TikTok, providing brands with dedicated spaces to showcase their products directly on the platform. The integration is poised to simplify the shopping experience for TikTok users while driving increased sales for brands leveraging Captiv8’s capabilities.

Captiv8 is recognized for its comprehensive influencer marketing and social commerce solutions tailored for enterprise brands. Their offerings include Creator Commerce, Branded Storefronts, and full-scale management of creator campaigns. As an esteemed TikTok Marketing partner, Captiv8 is celebrated for driving large-scale social commerce initiatives, facilitating seamless integration of shoppable content, optimizing shopability, and maximizing creator monetization across social platforms.

For further details on this partnership and to explore how Captiv8 can elevate your brand’s social commerce strategy, visit Captiv8’s official website.

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