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Influencer Marketing Platform Captiv8 Launches Branded Storefronts: ‘Elevated Solution’ For Online Shopping


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Captiv8, a leading influencer marketing platform, has launched Branded Storefronts to enhance social commerce for brands, creators, and consumers. Announced on June 17, 2024, Branded Storefronts leverages creator storytelling and personalized product curation to offer a seamless shopping experience outside traditional social networks.

Krishna Subramanian, CEO and co-founder of Captiv8, stated that Branded Storefronts provide a solution to scale social commerce within the creator economy. The storefronts are designed to meet the demand for curated, relevant, and seamless online shopping experiences that connect influencers, brands, and consumers. This new feature allows creators to maintain a single storefront for all their social content, eliminating the need for multiple affiliate links across different platforms. This innovation aligns with Captiv8’s comprehensive influencer marketing strategy.

An analysis by Captiv8 influencer marketing of over 21,000 affiliate creators showed that creators are 2.5 times more likely to prefer storefronts over one-off affiliate links to boost their earning potential. The Branded Storefronts feature also enables brands to create a customizable, whitelabel solution that aggregates creator storefronts. These storefronts can be promoted across various online destinations, allowing brands to track, analyze, and optimize the entire shopping experience in real-time.

Theja Suresh, Captiv8’s Chief Product Officer, highlighted the perfect timing of this launch given the rise of social commerce and the significant impact of personalized creator recommendations on product discovery, basket building, and purchasing decisions. Data from Captiv8 shows that creators drive 230% higher average order value in affiliate campaigns, showcasing their strong influence on consumer buying behavior.

Consumers benefit from a shopping experience curated by influencers they trust and admire, while brands enjoy increased linger rates, product discoverability, brand loyalty, and incremental sales. Captiv8’s advanced measurement suite allows brands to leverage revenue-based purchase data to gain actionable insights for their influencer and affiliate marketing programs. This capability is a key aspect of the newly introduced Captiv8 Branded Storefronts.

Captiv8 continues to empower brands to connect with consumers through authentic creator partnerships, using cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights. The platform has been rated the #1 Best Influencer Marketing Platform by the Influencer Marketing Awards and is recognized as the top choice for enterprise marketers by G2.

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