Meta Launches Threads Bonus Program For Creators: Here Are The Rules



Meta has recently introduced a Threads bonus program for select creators. With its rapidly growing social media platform, which has surpassed 150 million monthly users, Meta aims to enhance user engagement and expand the Threads app content diversity.

According to a report, the bonus initiative, currently in a testing phase since March, is an invite-only scheme targeted at U.S.-based creators and influencers on Threads, with plans to broaden to other regions depending on its success potentially. According to Meta, the program is designed to incentivize creators with specific performance-based criteria, including the number of views and posts made on their public Threads profiles.

Creators eligible for this program must adhere to Instagram’s creator incentive terms, which also apply to Threads. To qualify for bonuses, posts must meet certain viewership thresholds, specifically garnering at least 2,500 views. Content that includes copyrighted material lacks text, or has artificially boosted views will not qualify for bonuses. Posts should not feature watermarks from competing platforms such as TikTok or YouTube and must not be associated with brand partnerships.

The details of the bonus amounts and payment thresholds are managed through the professional dashboard available to creators on Threads. Meta has indicated that a minimum earning threshold is necessary before a payout is issued. Those who do not meet this minimum may have the opportunity to participate in future bonus programs.

This strategic incentive is part of Meta’s broader effort to attract content creators from Instagram and encourage them to engage with Threads. By integrating suggested Threads content into the Instagram app, Meta also hopes to facilitate a cross-platform user experience that could shift user traffic towards Threads.

The bonus program represents an attractive opportunity for creators to monetize their content on a new platform. However, as Meta has not yet released a long-term monetization strategy for Threads, the current financial incentives for creators remain temporary. As Threads continues to evolve, the creative community will closely watch how these initiatives impact their engagement and growth on the platform.

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