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ShopMy Influencer Marketing Strategy Deck To Secure $18.5M Investment Revealed


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ShopMy, a startup founded in 2020, has secured $18.5 million in Series A funding, bringing its total Series A funding to $26.5 million. Co-founded by Harry Rein, Tiffany Lopinsky, and Chris Tinsley, ShopMy offers an affiliate and influencer marketing platform where creators can earn commissions through shoppable landing pages.

The company’s “creator-first” approach prioritizes empowering creators with higher commission rates, ranging from 15% to 30%, before integrating brands. ShopMy aims to redefine influencer partnerships as collaborative sales strategies rather than merely content creation deals.

To fuel its expansion, ShopMy has raised venture capital from firms like Inspired Capital and AlleyCorp, as well as angel investments from creators utilizing the platform. These funds will support team expansion and marketing efforts as ShopMy diversifies beyond its initial focus on fashion into other verticals.

ShopMy’s investor pitch deck outlines its vision and tools across 23 pages. It highlights the platform’s advanced analytics, seamless affiliate management, and collaboration tools, positioning ShopMy as a comprehensive solution to the inefficiencies in current influencer marketing methods.

Key features of ShopMy include curated lists of over 50,000 creators, AI-generated recommendations, and communication and gifting management tools. Brands can set custom commission rates and issue discount codes while tracking performance analytics. With top brands like Nike and Lululemon already onboard and over 1,200 brands on its waitlist, ShopMy’s network is robust.

The platform operates on a SaaS-based model for brands, with monthly subscriptions ranging from $1,000 to $7,000, along with a 2.9% commission on gross merchandise value. ShopMy has experienced significant revenue growth, tripling its revenue in the past year and targeting $15 million in annualized revenue by 2024.

ShopMy aims to leverage network effects to accelerate growth, setting a target of $100 million in revenue by 2026. With its innovative approach and robust network, ShopMy is poised to transform affiliate marketing into a major growth channel for brands in the influencer marketing space.

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