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TikTok Ban Update: US Court To Hear Challenges Against Law Banning ByteDance Ownership Of App


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The impending TikTok ban in the US has triggered a flurry of legal challenges and court proceedings, underscoring the high stakes involved for both the app’s parent company, ByteDance, and its legion of American users. With the deadline looming for ByteDance to divest TikTok’s US assets by January 19 or face a ban, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has fast-tracked the consideration of legal challenges to this mandate.

In response to this potential ban, TikTok, ByteDance, and a coalition of TikTok content creators have rallied to challenge the law through the judicial system. Their efforts have led to an expedited timeline for oral arguments, with legal briefs expected to be filed by June 20. This accelerated process reflects the urgency of the situation and the significant impact that a TikTok ban could have on American life, as highlighted by the creators’ lawsuit filed in May.

TikTok’s confidence in navigating this legal challenge is evident, as the platform aims to resolve the matter swiftly without resorting to emergency preliminary injunctive relief. Both TikTok and the Justice Department are eyeing a ruling by December 6, a timeline that would allow for potential Supreme Court review if needed.

The legislation at the heart of this dispute, signed into law by President Joe Biden, underscores concerns surrounding national security and data privacy linked to Chinese ownership of TikTok. While the White House emphasizes these concerns, it stops short of seeking a ban on the app itself. Instead, the law mandates ByteDance to sell TikTok’s US operations or face severe restrictions from app stores and internet hosting services.

This move by US lawmakers reflects bipartisan support for addressing potential risks associated with Chinese ownership of popular social media platforms. As the legal battle unfolds, the outcome will not only shape the future of TikTok’s presence in the US but also set precedent for the regulation of technology companies with foreign ownership in the country.

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