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Twitch New Feature Lets Streamers Blur Thumbnail With Sexual Content: Here’s How


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Twitch is rolling out new features to give users more control over the content they see. On May 22, 2024, the streaming platform announced that users will soon be able to blur sexual content and hide mature-rated games from their feed.

The new features aim to enhance the viewing experience and create a more personalized user environment. Twitch stated that these changes are part of its ongoing efforts to improve content moderation and ensure that the platform is suitable for a wide range of audiences. This move comes amid increasing scrutiny over the nature of content available on streaming platforms and its impact on viewers.

One of the primary features being introduced is the option to blur sexual content. This allows viewers to obscure suggestive images and videos, providing a safer viewing experience, especially for younger audiences or those who prefer not to encounter such content. Users can activate this setting in their account preferences, giving them the ability to tailor their viewing experience to their comfort levels.

Additionally, Twitch is adding a feature to hide mature-rated games. By enabling this option, users can prevent games with mature content ratings from appearing in their recommendations and search results. This feature is designed to help users avoid content that they might find inappropriate or offensive. It also aligns with Twitch’s commitment to offering a more controlled and user-friendly platform.

In addition to these content control features, Twitch is also improving its customization tools with a new Twitch thumbnail maker. This tool will allow streamers to create engaging and personalized thumbnails for their content, enhancing their channel’s appeal and visibility. The Twitch thumbnail maker aims to simplify the process of designing eye-catching thumbnails, making it more accessible for all streamers, regardless of their design skills.

The announcement of these new features has sparked a range of reactions from the Twitch community. Many users have welcomed the changes, appreciating the increased control over the content they are exposed to. Some have noted that these features will make it easier for parents to manage what their children watch on the platform.

However, there are also concerns about potential impacts on streamers who produce mature content. Some worry that hiding these games and blurring content might affect their viewership and, subsequently, their revenue. Twitch has not yet addressed how these changes will affect content creators, but further updates will likely be provided as the features are implemented.

These updates are part of Twitch’s broader strategy to enhance user safety and content accessibility. Over the past few years, the platform has implemented various measures to improve its community guidelines and user experience. With these new features, Twitch continues to evolve in response to user feedback and industry trends.

Twitch’s announcement can be found on their official Twitter account, where they have provided further details and a timeline for the rollout of these features. Users are encouraged to keep an eye on Twitch’s updates to learn more about how these changes will be implemented and how they can adjust their settings accordingly.

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