Ukraine Launches World’s First AI Spokesperson Patterned After Donetsk Influencer


Ukraine AI

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced a cutting-edge method to disseminate consular updates. This involves a virtual artificial intelligence (AI) spokesperson named Victoriya Shi, who is designed to provide timely and verified updates on behalf of the ministry. This innovative Ukraine AI spokesperson approach ensures that the public and stakeholders are always well-informed and can trust the information they receive.

Ukrainian singer and influencer, Rosalie Nombre has generously lent her voice and likeness to this initiative, as confirmed by the ministry’s press release, without any financial compensation. In a teaser video, the virtual representative introduced herself and highlighted her crucial role in providing timely and verified updates from the consular department of the MFA of Ukraine, ensuring that the public is always well-informed.

The ministry has taken a strong stance against digital counterfeiting and launched a Ukraine AI strategy by implementing QR codes that direct users to official statements. This proactive move is designed to reassure viewers of the information’s authenticity, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to transparency and trust.

In a report, it was said that the decision to employ AI technology is a testament to the ministry’s commitment to streamline processes, particularly during conflict. Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba expressed optimism that with AI handling routine updates, real diplomats can allocate more resources to aiding citizens. This forward-thinking approach instills optimism about the future of the ministry’s operations.

Ukraine, known for its burgeoning tech industry, has digitized governmental functions, so it is not surprising that they will also utilize an AI generator. Introducing AI technologies utilizing deepfake capabilities represents a significant step forward for the ministry.

This groundbreaking approach is a testament to Ukraine’s unwavering commitment to modernizing governance and harnessing technological advancements to boost efficiency. As the virtual spokesperson and now AI influencer commences her duties, she represents the fusion of tradition and innovation in the country’s diplomatic landscape, instilling a sense of optimism and progress.

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