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81% Of Brands Have Been Involved In Influencer Marketing Campaigns: Study


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A new study by Havas Red reveals a significant shift in the influencer landscape, with 97% of brands recognizing content creators as influencers. This signifies a move away from traditional celebrities and towards a new reality where anyone with a following and engaging content can become an influencer. The study, titled “The State of the Influencer in 2024: A Client’s Perspective,” surveyed 39 clients from 10 markets, highlighting the growing importance of influencer marketing in today’s digital landscape.

Influencer marketing benefits are becoming increasingly clear as 81% of surveyed brands have engaged in influencer campaigns, with one in five participating in over 20 campaigns. This trend is driven by a decline in consumer trust in traditional media and a rising reliance on influencers for authentic product recommendations and brand promotion. The accessibility of becoming an influencer allows consumers to view them as relatable figures, fostering a stronger connection compared to traditional celebrities who often appear distant and unattainable.

Developing an effective influencer marketing strategy is crucial, as one in three brands acknowledges the effectiveness of influencers in driving brand engagement, with 92% believing in the value of long-term partnerships over short-term collaborations. Video formats are emerging as the most effective tactic in influencer marketing, with 86% of brands indicating that video content resonates more effectively than static formats. This is largely attributed to the ability of video to inject personality and authenticity into campaigns, creating a more engaging and relatable experience for viewers.

The study also emphasizes the importance of measuring influencer performance to understand return on investment. Influencer marketing companies are increasingly relied upon by brands to possess a strong influencer network, provide end-to-end influencer management, measure campaign effectiveness, and demonstrate the overall impact of influencer campaigns.

Looking ahead, TikTok is emerging as the leading platform for influencer engagement, with 70% of brands indicating their openness to collaborating with influencers on the platform. Instagram and YouTube follow closely behind, with 45% and 27% of brands respectively expressing interest in influencer collaborations. This evolution in influencer marketing reflects a growing awareness of the power and influence of content creators in shaping consumer perceptions and driving purchasing decisions.

As the influencer landscape continues to evolve, brands are adapting their strategies to leverage the power of authentic connections and engage with consumers through relatable and engaging content. Innovative influencer marketing campaign ideas are essential for brands aiming to stand out in this competitive environment, capitalizing on the unique strengths and creative potential of each platform and influencer.

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