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‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Sings With Zach Bryan On Stage At His Nashville Concert


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In a delightful surprise at Zach Bryan’s Nashville concert, Hailey Welch, known as the ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl, joined the country star on stage to sing his hit song “Revival.” Hailey’s unexpected appearance took place at Nissan Stadium on June 29, 2024, marking another highlight in her viral journey.

Hailey Welch first gained viral fame through a TikTok street interview conducted by TimandDeeTV. During the interview, she responded to a question by mimicking the sound of spitting with the phrase “hawk tuah,” a moment that quickly turned into a popular meme. This ‘hawk tuah‘ meme resonated widely across social media platforms, cementing her place as an internet sensation.

Riding the wave of her newfound fame, Hailey collaborated with Tennessee-based company Fathead Threads to release ‘Hawk Tuah’ hats. This venture proved to be highly successful, earning her over $60,000 in merchandise sales. Her catchphrase, ‘hawk tuah,’ continued to captivate audiences, leading to various opportunities, including her memorable stage appearance with Zach Bryan.

During the concert, Hailey relived her viral moment by enthusiastically shouting her catchphrase “Hawk Tuah” into the microphone, much to the delight of the audience. Fans in attendance and online reacted with a mix of excitement and disbelief. A TikTok clip of Hailey’s performance alongside Zach Bryan quickly went viral, amassing over 4 million views and more than 288,000 likes. Comments on the video reflected a range of reactions, from skeptical to celebratory.

One viewer commented, “You’re joking, Zach,” accompanied by several facepalm emojis, while another remarked, “I lost faith in the world a long time ago.” Despite some mixed reactions, many fans appreciated the humorous and iconic nature of her appearance. “Lmaooo this is so iconic,” one person wrote, while another added, “You go girl hawk tuah.”

Hailey’s ‘hawk tuah’ moment has not only made waves in the music world but also found its way into sports entertainment. Notably, Logan Paul recreated the viral meme during a WWE Smackdown event to taunt his opponents, demonstrating the wide-reaching impact of Hailey’s catchphrase.

In a short span of time, the ‘hawk tuah’ girl has gone from a viral meme to a beloved internet personality, and her onstage collaboration with Zach Bryan is a testament to her growing influence. The ‘hawk tuah‘ video continues to capture the imagination of fans, proving that a single moment can indeed lead to extraordinary opportunities.

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