Health Influencers Featured In Time 100 Health List



Time Magazine’s recent release of the “Time 100 Health” 2024 list is a global celebration of influential figures who are making significant strides in the health sector. This list, which spans from traditional medicine to advanced genetic research, is a testament to the global nature of health challenges and the collective efforts to overcome them.

The Time 100 health list included Dr. Hadiza Shehu Galadanci, a distinguished OB/GYN and professor at Nigeria’s Bayero University, who is a beacon of hope in the fight against maternal mortality. In a country where these rates are alarmingly high, Dr. Galadanci’s innovative systems, such as the blood-collecting drape, are not just reshaping maternal care standards but also saving lives.

Also featured in the Time 100 health influencers are Mike Curtis, President and CEO of eGenesis, advancing organ transplant methods through genetic editing. Curtis’s company utilizes CRISPR technology to modify pig genes to closely resemble human genes, enhancing the viability of pig organs for human transplants. This groundbreaking work was highlighted with the successful transplant of a genetically edited pig kidney into a patient in March, marking a significant step forward in addressing organ transplant shortages.

The health influencers also includes celebrities like Olivia Munn and Michael J. Fox, who have leveraged their platforms to advocate for health issues. Munn shared her battle with breast cancer, which dramatically increased public engagement with breast cancer screening tools. Meanwhile, Michael J. Fox, known for his foundation dedicated to Parkinson’s research, has significantly influenced advancements in the field, including developing a biomarker test for early Parkinson’s detection.

These individuals, among others listed in “Time 100 Health,” exemplify the diverse impact that dedicated professionals and public figures can have on health and medicine. Their work advances scientific and medical practices and enhances public awareness and education, highlighting the power of influence in the fight against global health challenges.

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