New Influencer Marketing Study Reveals What Consumers Look For In Creator Content



A new study released by Snapchat and MCN, “Unleashing Influence: A Marketer’s Guide to Influencer Success,” underscores the current significance of a sound influencer marketing strategy and paints a promising picture for the future. It projects that global media spending on influencers could hit a staggering $6 billion this year, indicating a potential for substantial growth. The research delves into user perceptions and preferences regarding influencer content across five key markets: Australia, France, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Participants from various generations and demographics contributed to the study, providing valuable insights into influencers and the impact of brand sponsorship on social media content. The research underscores a crucial point: while users are generally receptive to content creator ideas and influencer brand partnerships, trust is the linchpin for engagement. This finding should reassure marketers that building trust with their audience is a key strategy for success in influencer marketing.

Rasha El Ghoussaini, Head of Agency at Snap Inc. MENA, underscores the role of Snapchat in promoting authenticity, a key element for influencers. She emphasizes that Snapchat provides a platform for creators to cultivate genuine connections and develop their businesses while staying true to themselves. The report further reveals that Snapchat is a pivotal part of daily interactions among users in the GCC, with the app being accessed over 45 times a day.

In Saudi Arabia, product-related content, such as tutorials and restaurant reviews, is viral, presenting a lucrative opportunity for local marketers. However, the study also found a significant trust gap, with 64 percent of social media users expressing low trust in content creators. This highlights the need for influencers to prioritize honesty to improve audience engagement.

Rami Gholmieh, Regional Director of Influencer Marketing at MCN, pointed out the lasting value of authenticity in influencer campaigns. “Authenticity is and will remain the ultimate influencer currency, facilitating long-term and authentic connections between brand and consumer,” said Gholmieh.

The research further identified not only relevant influencer marketing statistics but pointed out honesty as the most crucial trait for influencers but also creativity and charisma, with 78 percent of participants favoring this quality. In Saudi Arabia, realistic portrayals, evidence-backed content, and personal experiences were top factors for trusting creators, with 89 percent of respondents saying that transparency about sponsorships significantly boosts brand engagement.

The study underscores that for influencer marketing to be impactful, brands must ensure their partnerships are built on authenticity and transparency. This is crucial to instill trust and establish a connection with consumers, a key takeaway from the research.

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