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Influencer Climbs Skyscraper Wearing A Lionel Messi Jersey, No Harness; Won’t Get Arrested


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Marcin Banot, a Polish influencer and climber renowned for his daring escapades, recently made headlines by scaling a 125-meter-high skyscraper in downtown Buenos Aires. Banot accomplished this feat without a harness, wearing only a Lionel Messi T-shirt. His impressive ascent took him up twenty-five floors before being “rescued” by the City’s Firefighters. Following the rescue, he received treatment from the Emergency Medical Attention System (SAME) and was subsequently detained by police.

Banot, who had previously attempted to climb the same building’s facade last Friday, faced no initial charges. However, authorities have now decided that he must cover the costs of the complex rescue operation that ensued after his second attempt.

The 35-year-old climber gained fame in Poland through his participation in the TV show Ninja Warrior, which is known for its challenging obstacle courses. Beyond his televised exploits, Banot has also climbed notable structures like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and a large complex of radio antennas near the former nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine. His adventures are regularly chronicled on his popular Instagram account, where he shares his daring feats with a wide audience.

The Buenos Aires emergency services launched a rescue operation around 13:50 local time (16:50 GMT). Specialized agents had to hang from the building’s walls to prevent Banot from continuing his ascent. Due to the language barrier, a Polish translator was brought in to assist with the rescue.

The rescue team descended ten floors from the rooftop to reach Banot and immobilize him. They brought him in through an open gap in the facade, as the building is covered by a metal mosaic structure, making closer access difficult.

During the operation, the area around the skyscraper was crowded with local press, curious onlookers, and workers unable to enter their offices, including those from the Argentine tech company Globant. Once Banot was safely detained, the crowd erupted in applause, praising the rescuers for their efforts.

Marcin Banot’s bold climbs and the ensuing rescue operation in Buenos Aires have only added to his growing legend, as documented on his Instagram. His adventures continue to captivate audiences around the world, showcasing his fearless approach to extreme climbing.

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