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Influencer Gets ‘Bintang’ Drunken Bali Tattoo Same Day She Warned Someone Against It


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An Australian influencer, Rhiannon, woke up in Bali with a regrettable tattoo after a night out on the island. Despite having previously advised someone against getting a tattoo as a souvenir of their Bali trip, she found herself with not one, but two tattoos the next morning.

Rhiannon, who recently moved to Bali from Sydney, shared her experience on social media, revealing a particularly ironic choice: a Bintang beer bottle tattoo on her foot. The twist? She’s not even a beer drinker. She attributed her decision to her earlier conversation about tattoos with another person, demonstrating how easy it is to make impulsive decisions after a few drinks.

In addition to the Bintang beer tattoo, Rhiannon also discovered a love heart tattoo on her body from the same night out. She jokingly remarked that she must have a newfound desire to be covered in tattoos, much to the amusement of her followers.

While some found her story amusing, others shared their own experiences of drunken tattoo mishaps. These tales are all too common among tourists in Southeast Asia. One viewer recounted waking up with tattoos of a Nike logo, a squid, and French cheese after a night in Bali. Another mentioned getting a tattoo in Thailand that read “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.”

Rhiannon’s experience adds to a growing list of tattoo mishaps among Australian tourists in Bali. A previous incident involved a tearful influencer who received a botched tattoo of the phrase “Energy Angel” instead of “Angel Energy.” These incidents serve as cautionary tales for tourists considering getting inked abroad, especially after a night of indulgence.

The influencer‘s story serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of impulsive decisions made under the influence, especially in unfamiliar environments. While tattoos can be a meaningful form of self-expression, the spontaneity of getting inked abroad can sometimes lead to regrets. As more travelers share their tattoo mishaps on social media, it highlights the need for careful consideration and research before permanently marking one’s body, particularly in destinations like Bali that are known for their vibrant nightlife and tattoo culture.

For those planning a trip to Bali, it might be wise to think twice before combining Bintang beer with a visit to a tattoo parlor. The allure of a “Bali tattoos” souvenir can quickly turn into a lifelong reminder of a drunken night out, making it essential to approach such decisions with a clear mind.

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