Influencer Marketing Agency Billion Dollar Boy Launches Creator Club Membership: What Is The Program About?


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Billion Dollar Boy Agency (BDB) is revolutionizing the influencer marketing agency industry with the launch of a groundbreaking membership program, ‘FiveTwoNine: The Creator Club.’ Unlike any other in the market, this innovative program offers a comprehensive suite of resources, including physical office space at BDB’s prestigious London headquarters, access to cutting-edge educational tools, and a series of exclusive events designed to foster growth and collaboration.

Commencing this Thursday, the agency will introduce the program with a free four-month pilot in the UK. This exciting initiative, in collaboration with founding brand partner Lipton and several founding creators like the renowned food and beverage entrepreneurs behind BOSH!, Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, is a testament to our commitment to cultivating deeper relationships between influencers and brands. Following the pilot, the membership will transition to a tiered pricing structure, with specific costs to be announced later in the fall.

Becky Owen, Global Head of FiveTwoNine and CMO of Billion Dollar Boy London, highlighted the program as an avenue for new revenue streams, especially for those agencies focusing on supporting the business aspects of creators’ careers. She pointed out that the disconnect between creators and managers over business responsibilities is growing, leading more influencers to seek external professional support.

The membership program or bdb marketing is a direct response to a recent study by BDB and influencer intelligence agency CORQ, which identified crucial services that creators feel are lacking. The research revealed that 73% of creators are in need of affordable access to business coaching and consultancy. The top needs identified include guidance on pricing, negotiating fees, and staying updated on the latest trends and platform changes. FiveTwoNine: The Creator Club is designed to meet these needs and empower creators in their business endeavors.

Further benefits of the FiveTwoNine membership include access to BDB’s online platform, which offers classes and resources starting this fall. Additionally, members can utilize the agency’s physical spaces, which will be available through various plans including day passes, bundles, and space rentals for events and content production.

Lucy Edwards, a founding creator of the program and an influencer known for her beauty and disability activism, emphasized the importance of having robust support when starting out as a creator. “You have to wear many hats,” Edwards said, stressing the multifaceted role creators must play in their own careers.

As part of its future plans, BDB is looking to expand its technological offerings, including the use of AI, through its Muse division, which was launched last November. The aim is to enhance the support system for creators further, enabling them to thrive in a competitive digital landscape.

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