‘Summer House’ Carl Radke Salary As Influencer Revealed: Lindsay Hubbard Earns Twice More


Lindsay Hubbard

Reality TV stars Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s relationship came under intense scrutiny in the latest season of “Summer House,” culminating in their split just months before their planned wedding. The Summer House season 8 couple, who appeared to be navigating pre-wedding preparations and shared business endeavors, ultimately parted ways amid financial and professional tensions, including disagreements over financial management and conflicting career aspirations.

In an exclusive preview of the show by E! News, Radke opened up about the pressures of matching Hubbard’s success as an influencer. Carl Radke salary goes up to $70,000 from paid social media posts this year, and he felt overshadowed by Hubbard’s $150,000 earnings. “I don’t make as much as she does because I’m not a woman; I don’t have as many followers,” Radke explained, suggesting that gender and social media reach played roles in their income disparity. Lindsay Hubbard’s net worth is pegged at $1.1 million.

The financial imbalance was just one aspect of their strained relationship. Radke revealed that Hubbard’s career expectations and visions for their future, which included a significant shift in her professional life, added another layer of stress. In a surprising turn of events, Hubbard, known for her independence and career-driven mindset, seemed to have altered her life goals, expressing a desire to transition into a stay-at-home mom role—a change that Radke felt unprepared for financially and emotionally, as they had not discussed this possibility in depth.

During a candid conversation with fellow cast member Kyle Cooke, Radke expressed frustration over being perceived as less ambitious or successful than Hubbard. “It hits my ego, this narrative that I’m not doing anything or not making money. It’s ridiculous,” he said.

As the wedding date approached, the couple faced mounting pressures and unaddressed concerns, leading to their eventual breakup, which was captured by the Summer House cameras. In the aftermath, the Summer House cast expressed her shock and heartbreak, indicating that Radke had given no prior signs of his doubts, a claim that added to the public and personal fallout. The cancellation of their engagement sent shockwaves through their social circles and the reality TV community, leaving both stars to grapple with the aftermath of their failed relationship, including strained friendships and public speculation about the reasons for their split.

Their story, which unfolds weekly on Bravo’s “Summer House,” offers a real-time look into the complexities of relationships in the public eye, particularly when intertwined with the dynamics of social media influence and financial inequality. The show’s format, which often puts relationships under a microscope, may have contributed to the pressures that ultimately led to their breakup.

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