Influencer Marketing Event ‘Influence Days’ To Kick Off At Casablanca In May



In today’s Influencer Marketing news, Casablanca is set to host the inaugural ‘Influence Days’ 2024 event at the Hilton Garden Inn on May 4. The influencer marketing agency event, a collaboration between Rich Media and Zey Agency, is poised to become a cornerstone for influencer marketing professionals. It will bring together over 80 influencers from a diverse range of sectors, including TikTok, YouTube, blogging, and even Moroccan cinema, providing a platform for all to share and learn.

Among the notable participants scheduled to appear are Omar Lotfi, Karima Gouit, Farah El Fassi, Rachid Goudi, Anas Basbousi, Safaa Hbrikou, and Anas Hamdouchi. These influencers represent a broad spectrum of the Moroccan digital landscape and are expected to bring diverse insights into the evolving world of digital marketing, influencer marketing benefits and influencer collaboration.

The Influencer Marketing Events 2024 is designed not only as a networking hub but also as an educational venue focusing on enhancing attendees’ digital project performance. A series of certified training sessions will feature international digital marketing, public relations, and coaching experts. These sessions are tailored to equip influencers with advanced tools and knowledge to amplify their impact on social media platforms.

Key speakers include Salah Eddine Mimouni, CEO of Rich Media; Zineb Alaoui, an expert in influencer marketing and General Director at Zey Agency; and Youssef Zahzah, an international speaker and entrepreneur. Together, they will address current and emerging trends within the digital realm, spanning topics such as e-commerce, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and professional relationship-building in the context of influencer activities.

‘Influence Days’ is not just an event, it’s a catalyst for fostering talent and innovation. It’s a platform that will explore various facets of digital influence, reflecting the comprehensive role of influencers in today’s media landscape. We anticipate that it will serve as a pivotal annual platform for driving forward the influence culture within Morocco and beyond, inspiring new ideas and approaches.

This initiative underscores the increasing significance of influencer marketing as a strategic component for brands aiming to connect effectively with their target audiences, mainly through social media channels.

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