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Influencer Shopping App LTK Adds Direct Messaging Tool, Auto-Responses


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LTK, the influencer shopping app with 40 million monthly users, announced on Thursday the launch of a new direct message tool for creators. This free tool, called LTK DM, allows influencers to share preset responses with followers instantly. Integrated into the posts section of the LTK app, the tool automates the process of sharing links with followers who comment “Shop” on an Instagram post.

When a follower comments “Shop,” LTK DM automatically sends a direct link to the creator’s LTK page via a private message. This feature aims to help influencers convert Instagram comments into earnings and save time by automating the link-sharing process. Previously, creators had to manually send links or use third-party automated DM tools. Now, LTK offers this functionality at no additional cost.

The LTK creator application provides a seamless way for influencers to engage with their audience and monetize their content. With the addition of LTK DM, the LTK creator application becomes even more powerful, supporting influencers in their marketing efforts by simplifying the process of driving sales through social media interactions. This enhances LTK influencer marketing by offering a more direct and efficient method to connect with followers and encourage purchases.

LTK DM is available to all users globally starting today. This tool is part of LTK’s broader efforts to enhance the app with new features. Earlier this year, LTK introduced the ability to post 60-second videos for in-depth fashion content and “Shopper Alerts” to notify users when an item drops in price or is back in stock. Additional updates include a new products tab, Shopper favorite lists, and a link optimization tool for a more efficient shopping experience.

The app, formerly known as LiketoKnow.it and RewardStyle, continues to evolve to meet the needs of its creators and shoppers. LTK’s new features aim to streamline the shopping process and improve user engagement, further solidifying its position in the influencer marketing space. As the influencer shopping landscape becomes more competitive, LTK remains a top choice among online shopping apps for both creators and consumers, thanks to its innovative tools and user-friendly interface.

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