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Instagram Rolls Out Live Stream To Close Friends List: Here’s How


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Instagram has introduced a new feature allowing users to livestream exclusively to their Close Friends list. Announced on Thursday, the “Close Friends on Live” feature enables users to broadcast live with up to three other people. This innovative option allows users to create an Instagram livestream tailored specifically for a more intimate audience.

This new feature is designed for users to share what’s on their minds, catch up with friends, share memes, plan trips, do homework together, or hang out casually in real-time. Since Instagram launched live broadcasts in 2016, these sessions have been public visible to everyone who follows the user. While this has been popular with celebrities and influencers connecting with fans, it hasn’t appealed to regular users who might not want to go live with all their followers. By introducing the Instagram Live to close friends feature, Instagram gives users more control over their live broadcasts, potentially attracting those who have not used the feature before.

By using the Instagram close friends live feature, users can now enjoy a more private and engaging experience. This move reflects Instagram’s effort to promote more private and curated connections on its platform. It allows users to choose their audience carefully, creating a safe space for more personal interactions.

In line with this push towards privacy, Instagram introduced a status feature called Notes late last year. This feature allows users to update their friends using text and emojis. These Notes appear at the top of friends’ inboxes for 24 hours and are intended to start lightweight, private conversations.

As Instagram has evolved to become a platform heavily associated with influencers and advertisements, these new features cater to regular users who miss the platform’s early days focused on real-life connections. The introduction of the Instagram close friends list for live streams reemphasizes the importance of genuine, private interactions amidst the broader social media landscape.

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