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IShowSpeed Gets Mobbed By Unruly Fans While Injured, Vows Never To Return To Norway


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YouTube streamer IShowSpeed has declared he will never return to Norway after a harrowing encounter with fans during his European tour for the 2024 Euro Football Championship. The incident unfolded in Oslo when Speed, broadcasting from inside a souvenir shop, excited a crowd gathered outside by chanting Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous phrase ‘Siu.’

In his enthusiasm, IShowSpeed injured his ankle on a window ledge, prompting him to leave the shop. As he was escorted out by security, fans surrounded him, chanting his name and causing a chaotic scene.

Videos captured from the incident depict fans climbing on cars and one even attempting to jump onto IShowSpeed, who pleaded for them to stop. Amid the turmoil, IShowSpeed was heard confronting someone who allegedly entered his getaway car without permission, expressing frustration and vowing never to return to Norway. He later described the event as the “worst day” of his life, citing injuries, hair pulling, and objects thrown at him during the ordeal.

Following the distressing incident in Norway, IShowSpeed took to social media to express his shock and trauma from the event. He described the chaos and physical harm he endured, emphasizing that the situation had deeply affected him both emotionally and physically. The streamer’s vow never to return to Norway underscored the severity of the experience and raised concerns about the safety of internet personalities in such public settings.

Despite the challenges and dangers encountered during his European tour, IShowSpeed maintains a strong presence on social media platforms. His streams, which often attract a large following, blend gaming enthusiasm with real-life adventures, appealing to a broad audience of fans across the globe. The incident in Norway, however, serves as a stark reminder of the potential risks popular online personalities face when engaging with enthusiastic crowds during public appearances.

This isn’t the first time IShowSpeed has faced such challenges during his European tour. Earlier in Amsterdam, he had to escape from a crowd on a boat before being escorted away by police. Similar incidents have also affected other internet personalities, including Twitch star Kai Cenat, who faced legal consequences after a riot broke out during his meet and greet in Times Square in 2023.

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