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Kai Cenat Did Not Break Twitch Record For Highest Peak Viewers


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Twitch icon Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins responded to fans’ confusion over Kai Cenat allegedly breaking his Twitch viewership record. Kai Cenat’s sleepover stream with Kevin Hart and Druski on June 10 reached 672,744 viewers, surpassing Ninja’s Fortnite broadcast with Drake, which had 616,693 viewers. However, this is not the all-time Twitch record.

During a June 11 broadcast, Ninja clarified the situation to his viewers, stating, “The highest viewership record on Twitch is 3.4 million. Am I supposed to be offended, guys?” He acknowledged that Kai Cenat, “probably the biggest streamer in the world” or at least in America, was bound to surpass his personal best eventually. Ninja praised the star power of Kai’s stream, which included Facetiming LeBron James and appearances by Druski and Kevin Hart.

Ninja addressed the confusion, explaining that while Kai had beaten his personal best, it did not surpass the all-time record held by Ibai’s La Velada del Año 3 event, which had 3.4 million concurrent viewers. Despite the misunderstanding, Ninja congratulated Kai for achieving a new personal best and joked about how either of them could break Ibai’s record by reaching 3.5 million viewers.

The confusion arose from a TwitchTracker report that highlighted Kai’s impressive viewership but did not claim it was a new overall site record. Ninja reiterated, “No record got broken last night. Except for mine.”

This development follows a month after Ninja suggested he could have been as popular as Kai Cenat if he had not joined Mixer and continued his Twitch grind. Ninja later amended his comments, acknowledging the unique and innovative approach Kai brings to his streams. “I don’t think I ever could or would have put as much thought into the streams Kai does and his marathons. He’s truly doing it different,” Ninja admitted.

Kai Cenat’s sleepover stream achieved the Twitch highest viewer count for a personal stream, though it fell short of the Twitch highest peak viewers record. The Kai Cenat Twitch record has added another significant milestone in his streaming career, demonstrating his ability to draw massive audiences. As Kai Cenat’s Twitch streams continue to rise in popularity, the streaming community eagerly watches how the landscape of online viewership records evolves.

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