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‘Love Is Blind’ Casting Bans Influencers From Joining Show: Here’s Why


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The team behind Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” takes a unique approach to casting, focusing on finding genuine people rather than dramatic or fame-seeking personalities. Creator and Kinetic Content CEO Chris Coelen emphasizes that they seek individuals who are truly looking for meaningful relationships.

The casting process for “Love Is Blind” starts locally, with searches conducted within a 50-mile radius of the chosen city. The team reaches out to various community members, including reporters, politicians, realtors, salon owners, pastors, nurses, and teachers, to create a buzz and find singles ready for deep connections and marriage. Donna Driscoll, executive VP of casting and talent for Kinetic Content, explains that this outreach is crucial to attracting a diverse group of people.

Applicants go through a rigorous process, starting with phone interviews where the team discusses relationship deal-breakers and other personal topics. This is followed by Zoom interviews, sometimes lasting up to 90 minutes, where potential cast members talk about their past relationships and other relevant experiences.

One strict rule for the “Love Is Blind” casting call is the exclusion of influencers and actors. Driscoll explains that the show aims to feature individuals who are authentic and not seeking fame. While influencers and actors could theoretically be genuine, the team avoids them to ensure participants are there for the right reasons.

The casting team is diligent in checking applicants’ backgrounds, including cross-referencing Instagram accounts to avoid any pre-existing connections between cast members. Despite these efforts, some issues can slip through, as seen in Season 5 when it was revealed that Lydia Gonzalez and Uche Okoroha had briefly dated before the show, a fact that the casting team couldn’t have known due to a lack of documentation.

In “Love Is Blind” Season 6, cast member Trevor Sova hid the fact that he had a girlfriend at home, which only came to light during the reunion. Driscoll acknowledges that such incidents are disappointing as they take away opportunities from genuine participants. She explains that the team always asks detailed questions about applicants’ relationship status and gives them multiple chances to disclose any relevant information.

Moving forward, the casting team will remain vigilant, trusting but verifying applicants’ honesty as much as possible without invading their privacy. Driscoll assures that despite challenges, the team is committed to finding participants who are truly looking for love

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