Lurkit Launches ‘Paid Missions’ To Revolutionize Influencer Marketing


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Lurkit AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden, has launched a pioneering service known as ‘Paid Missions,’ set to transform influencer marketing. Lurkit’s content creator program targets the gaming industry by introducing performance-based metrics such as views and hours watched, moving beyond traditional engagement metrics like likes and shares. This strategy aims to link influencer activities and measurable business outcomes directly, ensuring that marketing expenditures are more accountable and result-oriented.

The Lurkit influencer paid sponsorship or ‘Paid Missions’ allows digital marketers to handle influencer campaigns with a new level of precision, ensuring that investments translate into tangible consumer actions such as sales or downloads. Henrik Hansing, Chief Product Officer at Lurkit, emphasized the significance of this shift, stating that it makes every dollar spent fully accountable. The system integrates influencer prospecting, contracting, approval flows, and payments on one platform, simplifying the process for media buyers.

This approach enhances budgeting accuracy and cultivates deeper and more result-focused relationships between brands and influencers. The tool’s analytical nature allows for strategic oversight, shifting influencer marketing efforts from a purely community or social focus to a central role in marketing strategies.

According to Hansing, the introduction of ‘Paid Missions’ blurs the lines between brand and digital marketing, presenting a valuable tool for gaming studios and publishers and non-endemic brands and media agencies seeking tangible marketing outcomes. As Lurkit continues to innovate, ‘Paid Missions’ is anticipated to set new standards in the industry, positioning influencer marketing as a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies in the gaming sector and beyond.

Lurkit’s groundbreaking approach is set to revolutionize how brands interact with influencers, particularly in the gaming sector, which has experienced explosive growth in recent years. By prioritizing performance-based metrics, Lurkit ensures that influencers reach vast audiences and drive significant interactions that align with business objectives. This approach tackles a common hurdle in influencer marketing: measuring the return on investment. With ‘Paid Missions,’ brands can trace the direct impact of their campaigns, simplifying the process of justifying marketing budgets and strategies to stakeholders.

Furthermore, Lurkit’s all-inclusive platform offers a smooth experience for managing influencer campaigns. The integrated system simplifies each stage, from initial prospecting to final payment, reducing administrative workload and potential mistakes. This efficiency level is especially advantageous for media buyers juggling multiple campaigns. By centralizing these processes, Lurkit empowers brands to execute more campaigns with greater precision and less effort. Consequently, Lurkit is elevating the effectiveness of influencer marketing and establishing a new benchmark for operational excellence in the industry.

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