Did Jojo Siwa Tattoo Her Face On Her Arm? Fans Spot Clues


JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa’s Instagram post from a tattoo parlor has stirred up speculation among fans. The 20-year-old, known for her start on Dance Moms, has been rebranding herself with a more mature image, recently releasing her single “Karma.”

In a series of photos documenting her month, JoJo included a snapshot from a tattoo parlor where a tattoo artist is seen working on her arm. Fans quickly noticed an image of JoJo’s face from her “Karma” video displayed on an iPad beside the artist, leading to the widespread belief that the Jojo Siwa tattoo sleeve might be her own face inked on her arm.

Comments flooded her Instagram with fans expressing surprise and curiosity about Jojo Siwa arm tattoos. “Please tell me you didn’t get your face tattooed on your own arm … what?” one fan wrote. Others echoed this sentiment with comments like “Now that you pointed it out… she probably did” and “Did she get a tattoo of her own face?”

This controversy follows another recent debate among fans regarding her “Karma” music video. Observers speculated that JoJo used a stunt double in the video for a side aerial move. Fans pointed out a noticeable jump cut, leading many to believe the scene was edited to mask the use of a double. “Is that a stunt double… did JoJo not land this?” one fan questioned on X.

JoJo’s new image has not been without criticism. Her promotion for “Karma” included provocative teaser photos, such as a close-up of her buttocks in a sparkly leotard and fishnet tights. This has sparked mixed reactions from fans, with some criticizing her bold new direction and others defending her right to explore and express herself.

As JoJo continues to redefine her public persona through social media, she remains a polarizing figure. Jojo Siwa’s tattoo photo only adds to the buzz around her evolving image.

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