Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Salary Is Just $1 But Received $24.4 Million In 2023


Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, maintained his nominal $1 salary in 2023. However, his total earnings significantly exceeded this due to $24.4 million in “other compensation,” primarily for security and private aircraft use.

Details from a recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proxy filing revealed that a substantial portion of Mark Zuckerberg’s salary was allocated for enhanced security measures for the CEO. This increase in security spending comes as no surprise as the company had previously upped its security budget for Zuckerberg from $10 million to $14 million in the past years – this, despite of Mark Zuckerberg’s salary of $1.

The additional security funds are utilized for “additional personnel, equipment, services, residential improvements,” and other safety-related expenses. This heightened security investment occurred during a challenging period for Meta, notably during Zuckerberg’s “year of efficiency,” which saw the company reduce its workforce by 13% — approximately 11,000 employees — in an effort to streamline operations.

Moreover, according to a report, the SEC filing disclosed that Zuckerberg’s compensation package also included expenses related to the personal use of private aircraft. This part of his compensation reflects the trend among leading tech executives prioritizing security and privacy, even in their travel arrangements.

So why is Mark Zuckerberg’s salary only $1? Executives often use this strategy to demonstrate commitment to their companies during financial adjustments or public scrutiny. Despite the minimal salary, the substantial “other compensation” illustrates how executive remuneration can extend beyond basic salary figures to include significant benefits that address personal security and mobility needs.

This approach to executive compensation, particularly in Silicon Valley, underscores the complex nature of remuneration packages at top levels of big tech firms, balancing optics with necessary expenses that support the safety and effective operation of their leaders.

Despite the humble salary, Mark Zuckerberg net worth remains one of the highest at $169 Billion.

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