MatPat Released His Final Theory + Exciting News!



It’s not novel news that MatPat has officially retired from creating hundreds and thousands of different game and movie theories. MatPat broke the hearts of many when announcing his retirement as a YouTube creator. He just uploaded his final theory to close the curtains, and viewers didn’t miss this chance to put him on the platform’s trending pedestal for the last time (hopefully not the last, though). 

The influencer has already explained his leaving in a YouTube video he uploaded earlier this year, so this final theory is his way of saying goodbye to his beloved subscribers. He has already crossed out his bucket list as a content creator, and this is the last thing he ought to do. 

MatPat had some deep thinking and realized that the best way to say goodbye is to end where it all began — A Game Theory. It’s not just any other game theory; it’s a game theory about THE Game Theory. Well thought out, Mat! 

In this final theory, Mat reveals how he came up with The Game Theory web series, what it really is, and how the whole series affects its viewers. He reveals who the original game theorist is, and nope, it isn’t MatPat himself but Jon von Neumman. 

The video holds several timely truths and lessons Mat’s followers can cherish and apply, such as leading with trust, valuing forgiveness and honesty, and avoiding becoming a pushover. 

MatPat took the chance to inspire his viewers and prove that the game theory isn’t just an entertaining YouTube channel but something the viewers can learn from and apply as they go about the daily hustle and bustle of life. 

He has taught how game theory is present everywhere and is kind of like telling his followers that everything they see will remind them of him. 

Since launching on YouTube in 2011, Mat has produced creative, engaging, and informative content that millions worldwide have come to love. Aware of his subscribers’ undying support, Mat revealed great news in his latest video. 

The exciting news! 

MatPat’s bidding adieu isn’t really a permanent thing, as he will still be present in many other virtual and in-person activities, as well as YouTube channels.

As per his announcement, fans can expect him to be at the Fashion Show on Style Theory this 2024, sit on the GT Live couch, feature at the Jacksepticeye and the Ludwig podcasts, collaborate with Schaffrillas Productions and give a speech at PAX. 

He also established the website to give fans relevant updates on his new projects and other fun activities. The website allows fans to sign up for a MatPat newsletter to stay on top of all things MatPat and keep in touch with him in general. 

To kick things off, he will select 100 random email addresses that subscribe to his newsletter and send them personalized letters. 

There is a lot on MatPat’s plate, and we will see him getting featured on other YouTube channels in the coming days. So, technically, Mat isn’t bidding farewell for good. Hooray! 

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