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Netizens Pay For UberEats Driver’s Wedding After Touching Note About Saving Up For His Bride


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At a time when heartwarming gestures often go unnoticed, the story of UberEats driver Paul Slobodzian has touched the hearts of people worldwide, turning a simple delivery into a viral sensation and an unexpected windfall.

For the past year and a half, Slobodzian has been delivering food on the side to save up for a dream wedding for his fiancée, Aly Perkins. His dedication caught the attention of Erica Hernandez in Phoenix, Arizona, when he delivered her Chipotle order last week. Alongside her food, Hernandez found a handwritten note from Slobodzian, asking for a tip to help fund his upcoming wedding.

The note read, “Thank you for your order. I am driving on the side to give my fiancée the wedding she deserves,” and included Slobodzian’s Venmo handle. Touched by the message, Hernandez shared it on TikTok to reach generous individuals who might contribute.

“I just felt really inspired to post it and see if my friends would be willing to donate or any followers that I had on there to donate,” Hernandez told Fox 10 Phoenix.

The response was immediate and overwhelming. The video quickly went viral, amassing countless views and inspiring a flood of donations from people moved by Slobodzian’s story. The couple received enough money to cover their wedding expenses in just a few hours.

“My phone hasn’t stopped since Friday afternoon,” Slobodzian said. “It’s been thousands of messages of people supporting us.”

Slobodzian never intended for his note to go beyond the customers he delivered to, let alone become an internet sensation. “I never set out to leave those notes with the intention of somebody making a video about it or even trying to broadcast it to anybody besides the person I was delivering to,” he said.

The outpouring of support not only met but exceeded their wedding fund goals. In a remarkable act of gratitude, Slobodzian and Perkins gave $1,000 to Hernandez and invited her to their wedding.

“We didn’t really expect anything to come of this,” Perkins said. “The fact that a stranger got our note and felt so compelled to post it on the internet and advocate for two strangers is unbelievable.”

With their wedding now fully funded, Slobodzian has decided to put his side hustle on hold. The couple’s story serves as a testament to the power of community and the impact of small acts of kindness, showing that even in the digital age, genuine human connections can make a significant difference.

In today’s good news, this UberEats driver wedding story is a beautiful reminder of how simple acts can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Slobodzian’s journey as an UberEats driver and the generosity he received highlight the meaningful connections and support that can arise from just a few heartfelt words and the power of social media.

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