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North West Lion King Disaster: TikTok Mom Said Her Daughter Passed For The Role Because Of Kim Kardashian


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In Hollywood, where stars are born and legacies forged, the concept of “nepo baby” has garnered significant attention. This term, short for “nepotism baby,” refers to children of celebrities who find themselves in the limelight due to their famous lineage rather than their own merits. A recent instance that has stirred the pot involves North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and her much-publicized performance in a rendition of “The Lion King.”

Recently, a TikTok mom, Jenny Matthews (lejennymatthews) ignited a storm on social media by claiming her daughter was overlooked for a role in “The Lion King” due to North West’s star-studded lineage. This assertion has sparked a heated debate on nepotism in the entertainment industry and the privileges celebrity children often enjoy.

The controversy began when the TikTok mom, whose daughter auditioned for a role in the highly anticipated production of “The Lion King,” posted a video detailing her frustrations. In her emotional clip, she claimed that despite her daughter’s talent and hard work, she was overshadowed by North West purely because of her famous parents, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Matthews said in the TikTok video that her daughter was one of the four finalists in the audition who was called back for the role. But on the last day of the callback, Kardashian arrived with her daughter and soon enough, they found out that daughter North got the role. This frustrated Matthews who said her daughter, who has performed in Broadway four times, was more qualified than North. The mom’s allegations resonated with many, quickly garnering thousands of views and sparking conversations across various social media platforms.

The performance in question took place at a prestigious charity event in Los Angeles, where North West was cast in the role of young Simba in “The Lion King” 30th Anniversary event held at The Hollywood Bowl, and sang “I just can’t wait to be King.” The anticipation was high, and the event drew significant media coverage, primarily due to North’s involvement. Unfortunately, what was meant to be a memorable debut turned into what some have termed a “Lion King disaster.”

Critics and social media users alike were quick to express their disappointment. The young North West appeared nervous and unprepared, struggling with her lines and choreography. The stage presence that her parents exude seemed absent in her tentative performance. This incident has reignited the debate about the pressures and expectations placed on celebrity children.

Social media erupted with mixed reactions. Some users empathized with North, recognizing the immense pressure she must have faced. “Poor North, she’s just a kid. Let her be a child,” tweeted one supporter. Others, however, were less forgiving. “This is what happens when you push a nepo baby into the spotlight without proper training,” commented a critic on Instagram. The hashtag #NepoBaby started trending, with users debating the pros and cons of children of celebrities being thrust into the public eye.

The involvement of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in their daughter’s performance has also been scrutinized. Many are questioning why the celebrity couple allowed North to take on such a high-stakes role at her age. Critics argue that Kim and Kanye’s desire to keep their family relevant and in the headlines might have clouded their judgment regarding what is best for their daughter.

Kim Kardashian, known for her astute media management, addressed the situation on social media. She posted a supportive message for North, emphasizing the importance of trying new things and learning from experiences. Kanye West, however, remained uncharacteristically silent, leaving fans and critics to speculate about his stance on the matter.

The incident has opened a broader conversation about the responsibilities of celebrity parents and the ethical considerations of exposing their children to public scrutiny. It raises questions about where the line should be drawn between nurturing a child’s interests and exploiting their fame for media attention.

In conclusion, North West’s “Lion King” performance has highlighted the complexities and pitfalls of being a “nepo baby.” While it is easy to criticize from afar, it is crucial to remember that behind the headlines and hashtags are real children dealing with immense pressures. The Kardashian-West family, like any other, faces the challenge of balancing fame with family well-being, and this recent event underscores the difficulty of that task.

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