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Obama Pleads With Influencers To Endorse Biden, Use Platform To Help Win Election 2024


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Former President Obama has called on digital influencers to support President Biden’s re-election campaign for the Election 2024, urging them to use their significant online followings on platforms like TikTok and Instagram to rally voters. Speaking at a fundraiser for Biden in Los Angeles, Obama acknowledged that influencers might not agree with all of Biden’s policies but stressed the importance of backing him nonetheless.

“Joe Biden, you may not agree with everything he does,” Obama said. “By the way, you didn’t agree with everything I did. And that’s OK. Because in a big, messy, complicated country like this, there are going to be disagreements.”

Obama encouraged influencers to leverage their platforms creatively to engage their audiences. “I need you guys to use your influence, and it doesn’t have to be boring,” he stated, suggesting they use humor to capture attention as people scroll through social media.

The Biden administration has faced significant criticism from young voters and college students, particularly over its handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict. Large student protests at universities such as Columbia have highlighted internal divisions within the Democratic Party.

Obama acknowledged the general disinterest in partisan politics among social media audiences. “We live in a cynical time,” he said. “Let’s face it: I think a lot of the people who watch you, listen to you, who are fans of you — a lot of times they feel turned off by the political discourse.”

Obama shared his own media consumption habits, noting, “I frankly watch sports, mostly. Because it feels like everything is slash and burn.”

However, he reassured the influencers that Biden’s core beliefs align with those of many young voters. “But Joe Biden’s basic trajectory — what he believes in his core … nine times out of 10, he’s going to make decisions that accord with your core beliefs,” Obama said.

The fundraiser in Los Angeles, which Obama attended, has already raised over $28 million, marking the biggest fundraiser in Democratic Party history. This tops a previous event with Biden, Obama, and former President Clinton in March at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, which brought in $26 million.

A recent New York Times/Siena College poll found that former President Trump is gaining support among young voters, with Biden’s approval among this demographic decreasing by 14 points since the 2020 election. This shift in the Biden polls highlights the challenge facing the Biden campaign as it seeks to mobilize young voters and leverage influencers on TikTok and other platforms. Additionally, celebrities endorsing Biden could play a significant role in galvanizing support and reversing these polling trends.

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