Smith Micro Launches New Influencer Marketing Program To Promote SafePath-based Solutions


Influencer Marketing

Smith Micro Software, Inc., a leading developer of software designed to enhance the mobile experience, has announced the rollout of two innovative marketing programs aimed at boosting the adoption of its SafePath-based solutions among mobile subscribers. The May 8, 2024 announcement emphasized the company’s strategic push towards expanding its digital footprint in family safety solutions.

Smith Micro’s first initiative is an affiliate/influencer marketing strategy designed to utilize the power of influencers and affiliate marketers to spread awareness and drive subscriber growth for mobile operators’ SafePath-based solutions. By collaborating with influencers and affiliates who resonate with family safety values, the program aims to reach a broader audience and effectively communicate the influencer marketing benefits of SafePath solutions.

Smith Micro is also launching a retail store ambassador program. This Smith Micro software affiliate program offers a unique opportunity for retail employees in partner brand stores to directly promote our SafePath solutions to consumers during in-store interactions. By doing so, they can increase their sales and contribute to the safety of families in their communities, making it easier for families to access these safety tools.

Charles Messman, Vice President of Marketing at Smith Micro, expressed enthusiasm about the new Smith Micro software influencer program, stating, “We are extremely excited to offer new and innovative ways to build awareness of and to promote SafePath-based solutions to gain further market penetration and subscriber growth.” He highlighted the importance of making family safety solutions more accessible as families navigate today’s world’s physical and digital challenges.

The affiliate/influencer program allows participants to promote selected brands’ family safety products through their channels and earn compensation based on user sign-ups. Similarly, the ambassador program will enable authorized resellers and corporate-owned retail stores to advocate for the family safety applications they sell, with incentives tied to successful app subscriptions.

These marketing initiatives are a testament to Smith Micro’s commitment to not only promote its SafePath platform but also to enhance the digital lifestyle of families. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of services, including parental controls and screen time management, that meet the evolving needs of families in an increasingly digital world.

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