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TikTok Trend Right Now: Parisians Beg Poeple Not To Attend 2024 Paris Olympics


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As Paris gears up to host the 2024 Olympics, a trending TikTok phenomenon is capturing the sentiments of many Parisians who are voicing their frustrations and warning potential visitors about the anticipated chaos. This TikTok trend right now features a series of viral videos from residents like Miranda Starcevic, a 31-year-old French American living in Paris. Her video, posted in November and now boasting over 700,000 views, urges tourists to cancel their plans, reflecting a broader local sentiment that the Games might be more trouble than they’re worth.

Starcevic, like many middle-class Parisians, believes the Olympics will bring significant disruption to daily life. Her concerns are echoed by other TikTok creators such as Leo Nora, a 24-year-old Parisian student, who described the Games as potentially “dangerous” and “hell on Earth.” Nora’s video, viewed over a million times, warns of overcrowded public transport and increased safety risks, resonating deeply within the community.

Both Starcevic and Nora have criticized the city’s decision to repurpose student housing for Olympic workers and express concerns about transportation disruptions. With metro fares set to nearly double during the Games, the discontent among residents is palpable.

Tessa Bicard, an American executive at a cosmetics company, also shared her apprehensions on TikTok. Despite being a longtime Olympics fan, Bicard is disillusioned by the logistical challenges and high costs associated with attending the events. She highlights how construction projects related to the Games have already complicated daily life in Paris, and expects the influx of tourists to exacerbate the situation.

Many Parisians share these concerns, as evidenced by posters and billboards around the city suggesting residents prepare for the Games, with some interpreting this as a hint to leave if possible. Nora plans to stay with her boyfriend outside the city during the Olympics to avoid the anticipated crowds and chaos. Starcevic has also arranged to be out of town, spending time in Biarritz and the south of France.

Bicard, however, intends to remain in Paris, planning to bike or walk to work instead of relying on the Metro. She acknowledges that Parisians can be difficult and understands the widespread frustration. Despite the expected challenges, Bicard’s love for Paris keeps her rooted in the city.

Concerns about the Olympics extend to safety and security, with some Parisians worried about potential terrorist threats and the city’s ability to handle large-scale events. The French government is ramping up security measures, but many residents remain skeptical, pointing to past instances of transport strikes and civil unrest, fearing similar disruptions during the Games. With the world watching, the pressure is on Paris to deliver a smooth and secure Olympic experience, but the unease among locals suggests that achieving this might be an uphill battle.

As the Olympics approach, the mix of excitement and apprehension among Parisians highlights the complex emotions surrounding this global event. While some look forward to the spectacle, others brace for what they fear will be a logistical nightmare. The ongoing TikTok trend right now underscores the deep-seated concerns and hopes of a city on the brink of hosting the world’s most prestigious sporting event.

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