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Trump Dominates TikTok Because His Videos Are ‘Easier To Consume’, Pro-Biden Influencer Says


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In an effort to engage with younger voters, President Joe Biden’s TikTok campaign launched months before former President Donald Trump joined the platform. Despite this early start, Biden’s follower count, currently over 405,000, is significantly dwarfed by Trump’s substantial 7.4 million followers. This stark contrast in follower numbers has sparked discussions about the effectiveness of Biden’s TikTok strategy, especially as he aims to appeal to younger demographics amidst ongoing concerns about his age and debate performances.

Olivia Julianna, a prominent social media influencer, has emerged as a pivotal figure in bolstering Biden’s presence on TikTok. Initially gaining prominence for her TikTok advocacy for Biden, Julianna has since become an independent creator with a robust following exceeding 670,000. She has actively used her platform to mobilize support for Biden among young voters, leveraging her influence to counterbalance the dominance of right-wing content on the platform.

Julianna’s advocacy extends beyond mere online presence. In 2022, she garnered attention by raising over $2 million for abortion care, a response to derogatory remarks about her appearance from Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz. Her dedication to Democratic social media efforts underscores her commitment to progressive causes and Biden’s campaign.

Reflecting on Biden’s performance and reception, Julianna acknowledged that while political commentators have critiqued Biden’s debate performances, the general public response has been more positive. She highlighted a sentiment among voters who, despite acknowledging Biden’s age, prefer him as a symbol of democratic values over alternatives perceived as authoritarian.

An internal review conducted by TikTok revealed a notable disparity in the prevalence of pro-Trump content compared to pro-Biden content from November to May. Julianna attributed this gap to the challenges faced by left-leaning creators, who often encounter criticism from both conservative opponents and fellow progressives, creating a hostile environment for political discourse.

Julianna also analyzed Trump’s and Biden’s contrasting approaches to TikTok. While Biden’s campaign tends towards policy-focused and intellectually driven content, Trump adopts a more lifestyle-oriented strategy that resonates with his audience. She noted Trump’s adeptness at crafting content that portrays him in relatable settings, such as attending UFC fights, which fosters engagement and shares among his followers.

To enhance Biden’s appeal on TikTok, Julianna suggested the campaign should incorporate more personal and humanizing content. She emphasized the importance of addressing critiques from young left-leaning voters regarding Biden’s policies, advocating for empathetic dialogue to bridge gaps and mobilize support effectively.

Overall, Julianna’s advocacy aims to reshape the narrative around Biden on TikTok, emphasizing his strengths and engaging young voters to participate actively in the electoral process. Her efforts underscore the evolving role of social media influencers in modern political campaigns, navigating challenges to amplify voices and mobilize support in a digital landscape dominated by diverse perspectives.

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