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Vegan Influencer Discovers Boyfriend’s Cheating Through Pepperoni Pizza Order


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A vegan influencer in Brazil, Sabrina Low, recently discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her through an unexpected source: a pepperoni pizza order. Low, whose real name is Sabrina Lourenço, stumbled upon the revealing detail while using her boyfriend’s phone to order food.

The influencer, who has nearly 90,000 followers on Instagram, found the meaty pizza in her boyfriend’s order history and immediately knew something was amiss. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Low told Jam Press. Both she and her boyfriend were staunch vegans, making the order highly suspicious.

“How could I have imagined that I would find out this way?” she said. “I knew it wasn’t for him. We always talked about the importance of being vegan, and that was a big part of our values. I fell in love with him for that exact reason.”

Seeing the pepperoni purchase was a shocking blow for Low, akin to being “punched.” When she confronted her boyfriend, he initially denied any wrongdoing but eventually admitted to the infidelity. “It was then that I realized our relationship was destroyed, and, in that moment, the app was my ally to end this lie,” Low stated.

Despite uncovering the betrayal, Low did not specify whether she ultimately ended the relationship. However, she expressed feeling deeply “betrayed” by the incident, especially because her boyfriend had always emphasized their shared commitment to veganism.

The unexpected discovery highlighted the depth of their shared values and how the breach of those values signified a deeper personal betrayal. The revelation through the pizza order, while unconventional, proved to be a turning point in their relationship, underscoring the importance of trust and shared principles.

Interestingly, this incident comes amidst rising scrutiny of vegan influencers on Instagram. Many fans were recently shocked when a prominent vegan influencer was caught eating meat, leading to widespread backlash. Sabrina Low’s experience, however, underscores the personal challenges and integrity issues faced by influencers in maintaining their public persona and personal relationships.

Sabrina Low’s story is a stark reminder of how seemingly small actions, like a food order, can unravel significant aspects of one’s life, revealing hidden truths and testing the bonds of trust.

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