Watch: Influencer Makes Money Rain On Beach; Drops Wads Of Cash From Helicopter

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In today’s bizarre influencer news or extraordinary display of generosity (whichever way you see it), social media influencer Bel Ponciano made headlines by dropping over £1,500 from a helicopter to unsuspecting beachgoers in Balneário Camboriú, Brazil. The fitness influencer, known for her dramatic gestures, was filmed scattering banknotes from the sky as tourists and locals scrambled on the sands to collect the fluttering cash.

The incident took place on a sunny morning, with Ponciano captured grinning broadly as she released notes of various amounts through the helicopter’s small window. The beach, typically a scene of leisurely sunbathing and relaxation, quickly turns into a frenetic treasure hunt as the influencer drops money from the helicopter. As seen in her Instagram, people gathered the money under the clear blue skies.

Ponciano, who has a following of 100,000 on Instagram, later shared the video of her airborne cash giveaway, which has since gone viral, attracting nearly 50,000 views and hundreds of enthusiastic comments from fans. Followers praised her for her selflessness and the joy she brought to an ordinary day at the beach. One fan remarked, “Well done warrior, success shines brightly, you are a good person.”

This is not the first time Ponciano has been involved in public money giveaways. Earlier this year, she was seen throwing cash from a building window and later from a supercar – actions that have cemented her reputation as a benefactor with a flair for the dramatic. Her acts continue to inspire her followers, with one commenting, “You can earn money as it falls from the air while taking a beautiful walk in our wonderful city!”

Ponciano’s latest stunt not only highlighted her penchant for grand gestures but also sparked conversations about the role of social media influencers in public life. As she continues to challenge the norms of influencer engagements, Ponciano remains a figure of fascination and controversy. Her parting message to her followers: “Never give up on your dreams! Only God can stop you, nobody else! Next time, it will be from a rocket.”

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