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What Does Raw Dogging A Flight Mean? Trend Goes Viral On TikTok


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Men are embracing a new travel trend known as “raw dogging a flight,” where they forgo all in-flight amenities and distractions to challenge themselves mentally and physically. This trend involves staring at the in-flight map or nothing at all, avoiding music, streaming, snacking, and even sleep during lengthy flights.

Michelle, a New York-based beauty influencer, highlighted this phenomenon in a TikTok video, showing passengers on a five-hour flight from NYC to San Francisco staring straight ahead without any distractions. The trend, she noted, has become increasingly common, with more travelers opting for this austere approach.

The rise of raw dogging flights has been loosely credited to Idris Elba’s character in the Apple TV+ series “Hijacked,” where Elba’s character endures a long flight without amenities after the plane is hijacked. This portrayal has seemingly inspired real-life travelers to test their limits in a similar fashion.

UK DJ Wudini, with over 13.2 million TikTok followers, boasted about completing a seven-hour flight without headphones, movies, or even water. He claimed that this self-imposed challenge demonstrated the power of his mind. Australian musician Torren Foot also shared his experience of a 15-hour flight to Los Angeles, describing it as the longest journey he’s taken without rest or entertainment, relying solely on the flight map for company.

Westy, a London-based content creator, also joined the raw dogging trend, sharing his experience with nearly 2 million followers. He celebrated completing a flight without any form of distraction, emphasizing the mental strength it required.

Women are not excluded from this trend. Johanna Riehm, a 34-year-old mom from New York, revealed her preference for raw dogging flights to find peace and quiet. She posted about her silent journey from John F. Kennedy International Airport to the Caribbean, describing it as a time to sit with her thoughts and watch the GPS plane.

The raw dogging trend represents a shift towards minimalism and mental endurance in travel. It contrasts sharply with other popular travel hacks designed to ease the anxiety of flying, focusing instead on the challenge of enduring long flights without any comforts.

On TikTok, trends right now often capture unique and sometimes extreme behaviors, and raw dogging a flight is no exception. The raw dogging meaning in this context goes beyond just forgoing amenities; it’s about embracing a minimalist and mentally taxing experience. As this trend gains traction, it highlights a growing interest in pushing personal limits and redefining comfort in the travel experience.

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