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Zaxby’s MrBeast Cheddar Bite Sold For $25,000; Food Chain Reacts


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Zaxby’s swiftly responded to a surprising discovery made by a fan, who stumbled upon a cheddar bite from Zaxby’s MrBeast Box listed on eBay for a staggering $25,000. The fast-food chain, known for its chicken-centric menu, recently launched its first-ever collaboration with YouTube sensation MrBeast on May 15, 2024, sparking immense interest among customers.

Following the launch, enthusiasts began trading various components of the limited-edition Zaxby’s MrBeast Box on eBay, with some even parting with the box itself for $20. However, one particularly eye-catching listing caught the attention of many—a single Zaxby’s Cheddar bite purportedly shaped like a “beast lightning bolt” from the meal, with an exorbitant asking price of $25,000.

Responding to the unusual sale attempt, Zaxby’s took to social media, advising against purchasing food items from online auctions. Their tweet, cautioning against such purchases, garnered significant attention and reactions from stunned fans.

Despite the seller’s audacious pricing, the listing failed to attract any bids. Surprisingly, the listing, which had over nine days remaining at the time of observation, is no longer active on eBay, with the seller’s entire account seemingly removed from the platform. Whether this was a result of Zaxby’s intervention or the seller’s own decision remains unclear.

The incident underscores a recurring trend where influencer-branded products find their way onto online marketplaces like eBay, often fetching exorbitant prices. Recently, after Prime Hydration introduced its Lemonade flavor at a pop-up event, bottles of the beverage surfaced on eBay with price tags exceeding $500, much to the surprise of co-founder KSI.

The convergence of influencer marketing and online resale platforms continues to intrigue and sometimes bemuse both brands and consumers alike, showcasing the enduring appeal and commercial potential of such collaborations. Zaxby’s MrBeast Box, in particular, highlights how a simple fast-food item can turn into a coveted collectible, reflecting the power of modern-day influencer partnerships and their impact on consumer behavior.

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