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Bobbi Althoff Seemingly Passes Out At Bar, Had To Be Carried Out By Sean Murphy-Bunting


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Podcaster Bobbi Althoff found herself at the center of a dramatic incident during a recent vacation in Nashville, as captured in a video obtained by TMZ. The 26-year-old host of the “Bobbi Althoff Really Good Podcast” was visibly unconscious, prompting NFL player Sean Murphy-Bunting to step in and assist.

In the footage, Murphy-Bunting, 27, is seen carefully carrying Althoff out of the Barstool Sports Bar, where she appeared to have passed out. He gently laid her down on a set of stairs outside before later picking her up again and placing her into a waiting black SUV.

While the exact circumstances leading to Althoff’s condition remain unclear, she later expressed gratitude to Murphy-Bunting for his help in ensuring her safety. In a social media post, she acknowledged the incident as “scary” but thanked her friend Murphy-Bunting for his support during the ordeal.

The NFL player reciprocated the sentiment by sharing Althoff’s post on his own social media, adding a simple yet heartfelt message of “Always 🙏🏾”.

Prior to the incident, Althoff had shared lighthearted moments from her night out in Nashville, including playful clips with friends and an outfit reveal. One video showed her enjoying champagne and dancing with friend Ben Da Donn inside the bar.

The incident, though alarming, appears to have ended without serious consequence, thanks to Murphy-Bunting’s timely intervention. It serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of nightlife, where moments of fun can swiftly give way to moments requiring assistance and care.

As Althoff continues to share updates from her trip, her followers remain supportive, focusing on her well-being amid the buzz surrounding the incident. She seems keen on focusing on the lighter moments of her trip despite the brief scare at the bar.

To catch more from Bobbi Althoff, check out her episodes on the “Bobbi Althoff Really Good Podcast” and stay tuned for her future updates.

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