California Teen Arrested After Selling Fake Airpods On Facebook Marketplace


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A teenager in Redwood City, California, has been apprehended by local police for a grave offense: alleged sale of counterfeit Apple AirPods Max on Facebook Marketplace. This arrest culminated in an investigation into a victim’s purchase of fake earphones from a seller on the popular platform in January 2024. Despite the seller’s claim of authenticity, the purchased earbuds were nonfunctional counterfeits.

According to a report, investigators uncovered a significant operation, with multiple listings for suspected fake Airpods that look real on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp. These items, which had real serial numbers, were later found to be stolen from genuine devices, rendering any associated warranty invalid. This discovery highlights the extent of the counterfeit goods market and the need for consumer vigilance.

Undercover officers, acting swiftly and decisively, purchased several pairs of Facebook Marketplace fake airpods, all confirmed to be traced back to 18-year-old Redwood City resident Jose Angel Sanchez. A subsequent search warrant executed at Sanchez’s residence resulted in the seizure of over $2,000 worth of counterfeit merchandise, a testament to the commitment of law enforcement to protecting the public from such fraudulent activities.

Fake Airpods Vs Real

Sanchez’s arrest is a reminder of the vulnerability of online shoppers to illicit activities. In the wake of this incident, law enforcement agencies urge the public to exercise extreme caution when making online purchases, particularly for high-value items like electronics. They strongly advise buying from certified sellers in safe locations and warn against deals that appear too good to be true.

Sanchez’s arrest underscores the importance of vigilance when conducting online transactions, especially for high-value items like electronics. It is crucial to verify the authenticity of products and the credibility of sellers before making a purchase. Authorities strongly recommend meeting sellers in safe, public locations to minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions or personal harm, empowering consumers to take control of their online shopping experiences.

The sale of counterfeit goods not only poses significant financial risks to consumers but also potential safety hazards. Counterfeit electronic devices, in particular, often lack proper quality control and safety standards, significantly increasing the risk of malfunctions or even accidents. For these reasons, law enforcement agencies are redoubling their efforts to combat the production and distribution of counterfeit goods, aiming to protect consumers and maintain public safety.

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