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Celebrity Makeup Artist Dies After Ignoring Cancer Symptoms


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Romanian makeup artist and TikTok influencer Anca Molnar, 35, has tragically passed away after ignoring symptoms of what turned out to be a brain tumor. On Thursday, mourners in her hometown of Timisoara lined the streets, applauding as her coffin passed by. They held pink and purple umbrellas and threw white petals on a red carpet to honor her memory.

Molnar, known for her work with local celebrities and her large social media following, had been suffering from severe headaches. Despite the increasing pain, she initially dismissed them as minor. Her friend, Alina Radi, explained, “She had been experiencing excruciating headaches more frequently. Initially, she didn’t think much of them, because that’s how we are, but she found herself struggling to carry out her daily tasks consistently.”

As one of the prominent makeup influencers on TikTok, Molnar had a significant impact on the beauty community. It was only when the pain became unbearable that Molnar sought medical attention. Just over a year ago, doctors diagnosed her with a brain tumor, but by then, the cancer had progressed too far for effective treatment. According to Australia’s Cancer Council, headaches can be an early sign of brain cancer, but they are common and often not a sign of the disease. However, they advise anyone concerned to see a doctor.

Molnar traveled to Turkey for treatment, undergoing brain surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. While the cancer initially went into remission, a second tumor was discovered soon after, necessitating another surgery. Throughout her treatment, Molnar documented her journey on social media, sharing images of herself with a bandaged head and in hospital gowns.

Molnar, a celebrated figure among makeup influencers, praised her husband Claudiu for his unwavering support, saying, “I have the strongest and best man by my side, in good times and bad. Thank you my love.” On the day she died, Molnar posted a final message to her Instagram and TikTok accounts, showing a view from a plane above the clouds. The caption read, “I came, lived beautifully and left for another world. I fought as best I knew how and with all my strength … Until the last drop of HOPE. I leave my gratitude in my heart for how beautiful my life has been. Let my smile remain a testimony that I lived it to the fullest.”

At her funeral, Claudiu honored his late wife, saying, “We say goodbye, our love! You gave us the best years of our lives. You made us strong men who will never forget you. Me and the fruit of our love, Patrick, say goodbye to you today. Thank you for fighting so hard for us. You leave only among people but not from our hearts! Smooth flight, my love!”

Molnar’s influence reached far beyond her local community. As a makeup artist who worked with celebrities and an influential figure among makeup influencers on TikTok, her legacy will continue to inspire many in the beauty industry.

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