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Christian McCaffrey Slams ‘Evil’ Influencer Who Insulted Wife Olivia Culpo’s Wedding Dress


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NFL star Christian McCaffrey recently defended his wife, Olivia Culpo, against criticism from bridal influencer Kennedy Bingham regarding Culpo’s wedding dress. The controversy erupted when Bingham posted an Instagram Reel critiquing Culpo’s choice, describing it as lacking personality and overly modest.

McCaffrey responded to Bingham’s comments directly, denouncing them as “evil” and wishing her joy and peace. Culpo, a former Miss Universe, joined in, labeling Bingham as a “bizarre human” and expressing hurt over the criticism. She defended her dress choice, emphasizing that it perfectly reflected her vision for her special day.

In Bingham’s viral video, she analyzed Culpo’s Dolce & Gabbana long-sleeved ballgown and its 16-foot lace veil, acknowledging Culpo’s beauty but questioning her reasons for selecting a dress that did not emphasize sex appeal and instead aimed to convey seriousness and commitment. Bingham argued that a wedding dress should not dictate the longevity of a marriage and accused Culpo of promoting unrealistic ideals for brides.

Bingham also highlighted the contrast between Culpo’s wedding attire and her usual style, questioning the emphasis on being “covered” on her wedding day when Culpo typically dresses less conservatively. This discrepancy led Bingham to conclude that Culpo’s choice seemed more like a conservative statement than an authentic expression of her personality.

McCaffrey’s defense of his wife resonated strongly on social media, with many users praising Culpo’s gown and supporting her right to choose what she wore on her wedding day. Critics of Bingham argued that she unfairly projected her views onto Culpo and called for acceptance of different preferences and styles.

Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey exchanged vows in a chapel in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, followed by a reception at Ocean House. For the celebration, Culpo changed into two additional outfits designed by Dolce & Gabbana, highlighting her unique style and fashion choices throughout the event.

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